Dr.Rahul Singh 

 Director RAJ SMS 

(Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University ,Lucknow)


Uttar Pradesh Commerce Association

Chief Editor

International Journal of Commerce & Social Sciences


It has been aptly said that ‘the child is the father of man’. For us ,at RAJSMS , this translates into a great responsibility.We know that the seeds we plant today in the pure soil of the child’s mind will determine the fruits it will bear tomorrow.The qualities that we nurture in the children today will define the kind of people they will be in future .Hence Mother’s Pride has dedicated its heart and soul to build a sound foundation for life and to shape a successful future. A truly unique quality of RAJSMS is the fact that we do it in a way that is customized to every child’s individual personality.We bring out every child’s own particular talents,strengths and abilities.We Sow the seeds of confidence,leadership,love for learning,the will to face life’s challenges and the ability to win. The main agencies responsible for the educational growth of the child are the parent, the school, the society and the govt. and if all the these agencies provide the right nourishment to the child, the country will definitely enjoy the outcome with pride and contentment. The education sector has given our nation a reason to feel proud and be visible on the global arena. The intellectuals from this sector have enriched the corporate sector which in turn has been able to provide job opportunities to millions of Indians which had the effect of melting caste, colour and religious boundaries.The present educational system needs to address not only the economic, scientific and materialistic progress but also issues like eradication of fundamentalism, terrorism, separatism and ecology and environment preservation, preservation of natural resources, human rights violation, our duty and responsibility as human beings and global warming in order to protect and preserve mother earth. To start, various agencies connected with the concern and care of the children have to come forward to realize this mission. Therefore, let us all pledge and commit to provide our best through our educational pedagogies and planning to transform the budding citizens of this country into fountains of knowledge emitting light to the whole world.